Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fan Profile: Stephanie M

Name & Age: Stephanie & wise. Or 28 if you prefer.

Hometown: Seattle, WA

Where do you live now? Santa Barbara, CA

Hogwarts House: I'd want to be in Gryffindor, but I'd probably be put in Ravenclaw.
Why's that? Because I am more creative than I am brave.
Interesting. Why would you prefer Gryffindor then? Because I always liked that the strongest characters came from that house, the ones who made a difference. And I love the lion mascot and the colors

So who's your favorite character? Longbottom. :) I think that he is one of the best developed characters, and I love the actor they chose to play him in the movies. I also love any character that's the underdog and comes back to help with the whole thing in the end.

How did you get started reading the series? I think it started at Central Washington University, my roommate at the time and her boyfriend were really into them and I thought they were dorks, since they are kids books (at least in that section at the store). Somehow I read one and then I had to read the others. I eventually purchased all the books in hardback once I worked at Borders.
7 books is a long series. What made you stick with it? I always finish what I start  and of course, I HAD to know how it ended. JK Rowling made me NEED to know how the characters developed, the mischief they got into, and how in the world they were going to solve this seemingly impossible task. My favorite parts were the type of magic she invented for the stories.

What's your favorite Harry Potter moment? Okay, that's just a mean question! Top two moments (just because I'm difficult:
(1) When Harry goes into the lake to save Fleur's sister even though he is not supposed to
(2)  Longbottom's role in the final fight at the end of book 7

You're awfully fond of Neville. What would you say to him if you met him in real life? The actor or the character? Either.  I guess I would ask the actor if he had read the books beforehand and knew his role would increase. I'd like to know if he would have liked to get cast as a different character. What about Neville? What if her were real? I would ask him  how it felt to lose his parents, did it impact his choices in life? Did their deaths encourage him to fight against the dark arts? What were his feelings towards Bellatrix? How did he improve his magic skills? When did he decide to have confidence in himself (last book) vs coming across as more insecure previously?

Given your appreciation for the characters, did the story have an impact on your life (silly, serious, or otherwise)? Yes, I liked being able to see into different characters lives, you never know what battles someone's going through even if they seem composed on the outside. I'm glad I gave myself the chance to read a "kids" book and appreciate it for the talented writing. I think too many people judge a book based on the age group it is "supposed" to be for.

Long term, I feel like so many of my goals are so out-there, unattainable, I'd like to think if they can kill Voldemort, I can be a princiapl piccoloist in a symphony. :)

What’s your favorite class at Hogwarts? Transfiguration. For me, the basis of magic is changing the essence of something, being able to transform an object into something different would take so much concentration/ skill. Anyone can learn to fly but not everyone could learn to accurately transfigure something.

What would your patronus be? A Lion. You still sure you wouldn't be a Gryffindor? :) *laughs* I would want to be, but I think they would put the more artsy people in a different house. You never know what the sorting hat might see! Which is why I fully support starting an actual Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft!

What would you order off the trolley? The chocolate frogs, which is funny because I hate being surprised and they would probably freak me out.

Owl, cat, or toad? I love cats but I think there is something regal about the owls. And it would have to be white.

If you could change one thing about the books, what would it be? More quidditch, FOR SURE.
Every chapter, every book, more more more!

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